About me.

I am a recent college graduate who has always enjoyed discussing a wide variety of topics. My favorite topics are music, alcohol, food, literature travel and the Philadelphia Eagles. I like to say I am normal person writing normal people things. My posts will be focused on my opinions, beliefs and, experiences. I emphasize that I do not consider myself a critic.

Please enjoy my random musings and feel free leave some feedback! Thanks.


2 thoughts on “About me.

  1. Thank you for subscribing to my blog. Originally designed to meet the needs of those with a Norwegian heritage, but time has showed that such people live across the whole world. Not only in the US.
    On my blog of today you’ll find more than 3700 pictures from Norway or Norwegian nature, mostly in ‘full screen’, and new pictures are posted regularly! Please enjoy!

    And if you really appreciatge what you find herfe, please tell your friends! 🙂

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