Entourage Movie Takeaway: Build Meaningful Relationships

“Do you appreciate the friendship you and Vince have? ‘Cause there aren’t too many people your age who have a lifelong friendship like that. I can’t tell you what one person that I went to high school with is doing.” – Ari Gold1403274796476

The Entourage movie was released this week about four years after the HBO series ended. Halfway through the series Entourage started to receive a lot of negative press and witnessed such a dramatic drop in awards, praise, and viewership that by the end of the series, many were happy to see it put to rest. However, I am a HUGE fan of entourage. I always have been and always will be. Even though my lifestyle is the opposite of that depicted on screen by Vince, E, Turtle, Drama and Ari, I deeply identify with the only true theme that drives the series/movie: the emphasis on having strong and meaningful relationships.

Both critics and regular folks alike are ripping apart the Entourage Movie. Relentless attacks that it is shallow, misogynistic, and predictable are the common accusations. All of these complaints have merits and I could go into a long post about why these themes are appealing to so many people. I could also go into the curious cases of those individuals having such an impassioned negative response to a movie that no one is forcing them to see. But I think all of this is second to the fact that at its heart, the show is about loyalty, love, compassion, friendship and commitment.

Heath professionals have, for the most part, come to a consensus: the key to a happy life is having meaningful relationships. You can have all of the money, prestige, status and success in the world, but if you don’t have meaningful relationships it will all be for nothing. In fact studies show that once someone reaches an income of $75,000, an increase in salary won’t contribute to their everyday happiness. Humans are social animals; we crave human-to-human interaction. People need great friends that they care about and who care about them. Humans need to be vulnerable with the people they love and have the knowledge that their friends will do anything for them.

Entourage is the epitome of this lifestyle. It is common for celebrities and successful businessman to have the problem of not knowing who their true friends are. Vince realizes this and realizes that the only way for him to stay sane is to have his true childhood friends around him. Entourage has been criticized for endorsing the bro-culture. And I agree that the bro-culture has gotten out of hand but at its root is the word brother. The friends in Entourage view themselves as brothers and this is extremely appealing to both male AND female viewers. So if anyone is shocked as to why people would pay money to see the movie, that’s why.


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