Steakhouses: Classy Before Classy Was Cool

Time for a rambling post. This post is partly inspired by my dinner last night at a steakhouse that I had never been to before. I was pleasantly surprised and will most definitely be returning. But first let me explain the title.

Screen Shot 2014-02-02 at 1.18.20 AM

“Classy before classy was cool.” Overtime the world has become increasingly less classy. I’m not trying to to make a social statement here but it doesn’t take much investigation to realize that over the last 20 years culture has changed. Modernism has taken over and new progressive restaurants have become the places to be. I don’t dislike these restaurants, in fact I happen to like many of them, but it has become a competition to see who can design the most hip/vogue restaurant. I resent this because it has pushed out the classic eateries. Life has become so gaudy that classiness has become a rare find. With that being said; this trend could be reversing as all trends do. But that is not the point of this post, the point of this post is to praise the classic steakhouse.

I love steakhouses. I am a red meat/red wine kind of guy. If I am going to spend some money on a nice dinner a steakhouse is going to be at the top of my list. I have frequently been told  that a steak is a steak. I don’t agree with that. I enjoy cooking steaks but, the best steaks I have had in my life have all been at steakhouses. It may just be that I am a hopeless romantic but when I am at a steakhouse I feel as though I am part of history. I like the style, the culture, and the elegance that accompanies steakhouses. At  many ‘hip’ restaurants I feel as though I am being rushed out the door to make room for the next. This is not how steakhouses operate. Their patrons are there to enjoy the full meal experience and the restaurant accommodates them.

A few nights ago I ate at a Longhorn Steakhouse. I went with my girlfriend for the first time. I was pleasantly surprised. I have been to some of the most famous and expensive steakhouses in the world and would I trade them for Longhorn? No. But longhorn was a great deal. I had a glass of whiskey and a glass of wine, my girlfriend had a cocktail, and we both split the 30 oz porterhouse which comes with two sides and two salads, for a grand total of $75. I left Longhorn pleased and with every intention of returning. It confirmed my opinion that steakhouses, of all varieties, are my favorite restaurants. If anyone is on a budget but wants a solid steakhouse experience I recommend Longhorn. But by no means does it replace some of the ‘classier’ steakhouses.

Heres to a glass of red wine and a nice cut of red meat.


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