Alcohol: It’s All Relative

I understand that some people are die-hards when it comes to alcohol. They like one kind or one brand. While I certainly have favorites, it’s the atmosphere that decides my drink of choice. There are a few drinks I do not like no matter the occasion. I hate all tequila: straight or mixed. I truly dislike Bud Light. I’d prefer a Natty to a Bud  any day, and that’s the truth. But aside from a few anomalies it’s my mood that dictates the drink, which explains why it’s so difficult for me to claim favorites amongst alcohol.

One of my deepest and darkest confessions is that I love Bud Light Lime. I rarely drink beer with food. The beer fills me up too much and I don’t fully enjoy the meal. Bud Light Lime doesn’t fill me up and is one of the few sweet drinks I can tolerate in large quantities. When I’m enjoying a meal in the tropics or during a hot summer day/evening there is no beer in the world I’d prefer to a Bud Lime.

ImageWhen I’m lounging by the pool or the beach don’t bring me a dark Belgian Ale, bring me a Bud Light Lime. I know their are some great summer beers out that are  better quality. But For its cost and its taste Bud Light Lime suits me perfectly. However, between the months of September and April (unless I’m on vacation) you will never see a Bud Light Lime in my hand.

Beer is very seasonal for me. The time of the year for me to drink expensive beers is during the holidays. I like Belgian Christmas Ales and they do not come cheap. I’ll spend top dollar for some of the best beers in the world. I can’t spend that kind of money year round so I have to limit myself. But if you come over to my house between December and January expect to be treated to some fine, dark beers.

My go to year round is Yuengling. I’m from PA and it’s in my blood. If I want to grab a pitcher at a bar, hang out with some friends, or just enjoy a few beers I’ll drink Yuengling. It is not expensive and tastes good. If I’m planning on only having a couple beers I’ll treat myself to a Smithwicks or a Guinness. Both are too expensive for me to consistently drink in large quantities but are both, in my opinion, two of the best tasting beers in the world. When the mood strikes me, I’ll grab my growler and head to the craft beer store to try something new.  Honestly, more often then not you’ll find me pouring crafts from my growler, as there is always a craft to suit my mood.

The same thing goes for liquor. During the summer/at the beach I drink the fruitiest cocktails you can find, as well as straight rums. My guilty pleasures are rum-runners and piña coladas. But in the winter my drink of choice is always straight whiskey. Normally bourbon, but I dabble with scotch and Irish Whiskey as well.

Yes, wine works the same. I tend to prefer dry wines to sweet but I’ll drink them both. My wine knowledge is quite limited but pick almost any wine on the spectrum and there is a situation where I’d enjoy it.

I challenge to you to do the same. Expand your horizons and don’t let other people’s opinions keep you from trying something new. You’d be surprised to learn what you’ll enjoy.


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