Not a Critic

I am not a critic. I do not consider myself a critic nor do I usually agree with what critics have to say. I am simply a normal person giving a normal persons’ opinions, views, and experiences. My reviews are not meant to be critiques but rather a description of my personal experiences.

Many ‘experts’ say that for a blog to be successful it has to have a focus. This blog does not really have a focus. I believe this blog will be interesting to people who are looking to experience things on their own or like to hear someone else’s opinions. If I dislike anything I am not necessarily saying it is bad, I am simply saying I did not enjoy it. I’m also not saying that something I like is the best or everyone will like it. I am a unique individual and while I anticipate people will agree with me I also anticipate many will highly disagree.

Again I am stressing that I don’t consider myself a critic because I am not an expert in any single field. With that said I hope you enjoy my random musings.


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